Sunday, 30 September 2012

Google Code, User Search & Gravatar! NerdAbility Updates - September 2012

At NerdAbility HQ we have had a busy month, launching some cool new upgrades to your profile! This includes Google Code project integration, StackOverflow Flair and Gravatar profiles pictures! Additionally you can now search other users based on their username or skill, giving you the results along side the users NerdScore.

We have also added new privacy options to allow you to hide your page to the public while you are getting things ready. Oh, and if you don't want to be included in our user search feature, you can easily opt-out on the privacy settings page.

Other small changes include more ways to share your profile with enhanced social sharing buttons. This makes it easier to share your's or others profiles and show off!

We are going to keep pushing out more features, so keep an eye on your profile and the blog for the latest news. Now a quick guide to some of the new features.......

Setting Up a Gravatar Profile Photo - Stand out!

First of all login to your profile at - then once you are directed to your page look to the right hand side, if your picture, then hey, you already have a Gravatar! If you don't see a picture, or want to change it then you can follow the link underneath and go sign up (it's really quick and easy too).
Setting Up a Gravatar Profile Photo
NerdAbility - Setting Up a Gravatar Profile Photo
Gravatar Signup or Login
Signup to Gravatar or Login

Adding Google Code Projects to your Profile - Show off!

If you have a Google Code profile you can now have your projects shown on your NerdAbility profile! It's just as easy as adding any other integration, simply login to your profile at and look at the right-hand side of your profile for 'Get Connected', then click the 'Connect Google Code' and enter your Google Code profile URL (something like 

Connect Your Profile to Google Code
NerdAbility - Connect Google Code

Searching & Searching - Find Other Awesome Techies!

You can now search our users to find who has certain skills, and then pick who you want to check out based on their NerdScore! This makes it easy to say find users with Java skills and then check out the person with the highest NerdScore! To access the search go to the Users page and get searching...

NerdAbility User Search
NerdAbility User Search

Changing Your Privacy Settings - It's Under Your Control!

We now offer privacy options for your profile, as we know you may not want your profile to be searchable or you may want to go into hiding for awhile. You can mange this quickly and easily from your profile page, simply login and click on your name in the top right of the page. Then click 'Privacy & Settings' from the drop down.

NerdAbility Privacy & Settings
NerdAbility Privacy & Settings 
Next you can choose the privacy settings for your profile (and if you want to sign up to our site email updates). Hopefully it will look like this...

Privacy & Settings Page
Privacy Privacy Privacy!
And that's all for this month! Make sure to spread the word and check us out on Twitter @Nerd_Ability

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