Sunday, 12 August 2012

Why We're Not Worried About Facebook's Job Board

Not long after NerdAbility was released in to the wild in beta, Facebook announced that they were going to be creating a job board.

Hmm, Facebook seems like tough competition, after all, they already have millions of users, about whom they know pretty much everything, but, to be honest, we're really not that concerned.

Here's why..

  1. We're techies, looking to deliver a service for techies - even if the Facebook job board becomes a massive success, how worthwhile will it be for them to build up the service to cater for tech folk, integrating GitHub commits and stuff like StackOverflow? I cannot see it being worthwhile for FB to do so.  NerdAbility is focusing entirely on tech recruitment, and all our efforts are in enhancing the site to make tech recruitment a wonderful thing!....
  2. How many users would want to use FaceBook to search for jobs? Sure it has the convenience of being FB,  and it knowing your interests, friends, etc, but is the best way to make a good impression on a potential employer to show them your FB details? The job board will probably most benefit employers, making it easier for their jobs to be viewed by the most relevant potential candidates and widening the scope of their recruitment - but here at NerdAbility we are looking to tip the balance in favour of the little guys! (that means us, the employees)
  3. NerdAbility is smaller - despite FB money and wealth of super clever engineers, having a smaller team gives us more agility, and means that if we decided to roll out integration with the API (not to give anything away!),  then any member of the team could turn around the change quickly, understanding the impact across the entire code base and test suite and release it to you guys super quick!  Being smaller also has the benefit of meaning the entire team understands and is behind the overall vision for the platform, so no bureaucracy to getting changes out there
At this point only time will tell how the FB job board works out, but until then, we will just keep on working and rolling out the changes!

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